Georgian Salad-$10

The Prices-

LOBIO- $12 per person.
AJAPSANDALI- $13 per person.
OSTRI-$15 per person.
EGGPLANT WITH WALNUTS- 10 pieces minimum, so it’s $20 per 10 pieces.
CHAKHOKHBIL- $15 per person. 
SOUP KHARCHO-$17 per person.
BAZHE-$14 per person.
 Green beans-$12 per person
AJIKA-$10 one jar.
OJAKHURI-$12 per person
KHACHAPURI-$15 each.
Satsivi-$20 per person.

1-AJIKA - აჯიკა-What is Adjika (pronounced adzhika in English)? It’s a fiery, flavorful blend of peppers and spices, similar to Italian Red Pesto, used to flavor food. I like to spread it over pork or any kind of fried meat, potatoes and even bread. The price per 8 ounce jar is $10.

2-CHAKHOKHBILI (Georgian: ჩახოხბილი). The name comes from the Georgian word “khokhobi” which means “pheasant,” but nowadays it is usually made with chicken. Chakhokhbili is made using a whole chicken, cut into pieces with the skin left on. Ingredients: whole large chicken, large juicy tomatoes, large white onions, hot red peppers, walnuts, garlic, butter, dried basil, fresh coriander, fresh parsley, white wine, and salt. The price per person is $15.

3-KHACHAPURI (Georgian: ხაჭაპური) is a filled bread stuffed with melting cheese. It is justifiably considered to be one of Georgia’s most famous national dishes. The price is $15 each.

4-LOBIO (Georgian: ლობიო) is a popular dish made with kidney beans and usually eaten with Mchadi (Georgian cornbread) and marinated vegetables. Ingredients – kidney beans, fresh green onions, coriander, garlic, salt. The price is $12 per person.

5-OSTRI (Georgian: ოსტრი) is a hot, spicy beef stew that is very popular in Georgia, both as a home prepared meal and as a dish in restaurants. Ingredients: lean beef, butter, large onions, large tomatoes, hot red pepper, dried coriander, marinated cucumber (optional), tomato puree, garlic, parsley or purple basil (or both), bay leaves, and salt. The price is $15 per person.

6-EGGPLANT WITH WALNUTS AND GEORGIAN SPICES (Georgian: ნიგციანი ბადრიჯანი) is a popular Georgian family dish of eggplant with walnuts and spices. This is primarily a summer dish and is served cold. Ingredients: eggplants, walnuts, dried Blue Fenugreek, coriander, paprika, garlic, white wine vinegar, salt and oil, garnished with pomegranate seeds. I cook 10 pieces minimum, so it’s $20 per 10 pieces.

7-AJAPSANDALI (GEORGIAN EGGPLANT STEW)(Georgian: აჯაფსანდალი) is a Georgian vegetarian dish popular as a family meal. Ingredients -  potatoes, eggplant (aubergine), tomatoes, tomato puree, white onions, green onions, bay leaves, green peppers, red sweet peppers, garlic, coriander, cayenne, black ground pepper, salt and oil. The price is $13 per person.

8-SOUP KHARCHO (Georgian: ხარჩო) This Lamb and Rice Soup is of Georgian origin. There are many variations of kharcho from family to family and region to region. Ingredients - lamb meat trimmed of fat, flour, butter, chopped onion, tomato paste or seeded and diced tomatoes, cloves crushed garlic, water or stock, salt, sour plum roll (tklapi) or tamarind paste diluted in hot stock, lemon juice, washed and drained rice. The price per person is $17.

9-BAZHE (Georgian: ბაჟე). Chicken simmered in a Georgian sauce made with walnuts, garlic and spices. Ingredients: marinated chicken breasts or the whole chicken with Georgian spices and walnut sauce. The price per person is $14.

10-Scrumptious and tangy green beans from Georgia (Georgian: მწვანე ლობიო). A great side dish with any meat, a very refreshing summer salad! Ingredients – trimmed green beans, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil , unrefined sunflower oil, garlic, minced, fresh cilantro leaves. Salt and pepper to taste. The price per person is $12.

11-OJAKHURI (Georgian: ოჯახური). Potatoes and pork, pan-fired fresh onion andgarnished with pomegranate seeds and parsley. It goes with the Ajika or Tkemali sauce. The price per person is $12.

12-.SATSIVI (Georgian: საცივი) is a thick paste made from walnuts and served cold (‘Tsivi’ means ‘cold’ in Georgian). It is served with a variety of meats (usually chicken or turkey), fish and vegetable dishes. Traditional Satsivi, eaten at Christmas and New Year’s, is made with turkey. At other times of the year it is usually served with chicken. The price $20 per person.

13- Chkmeruli-Georgian Garlic Chicken (Chkmeruli) Chkmeruli is a traditional Georgian dish of chicken in garlic cream sauce and Georgian spices. Very delicious .The price per person $15 per person.


-Red marinated cabbage (Georgian: კომბოსტოს მწნილი). A side dish with any fried meats but most popular with Lobio. Free bonus when you purchase Lobio.